Kit includes 200' mini push rod, color, self-leveling camera head, 512hz sonde, 10.4" Premium LCD screen with USB recording and wi-fi connectivity


Small, secondary line pipe inspection camera with 200′ of push rod, color, self-leveling camera head, 512hz sonde, 10.4″ USB recording monitor with wi-fi for recording to smart phone or tablet

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 118610
  • Catalog Number: SLMUSBPC
  • Application: Inspects lines ranging from 2" to 4" up to 200'

The new Gen-Eye USB® Series includes a USB port to record on a flash drive. The Gen-Eye USB packs the features of the Gen-Eye SD® Series into a compact package, including up to 128 GB of USB recording capability, a 10.4” LCD color screen and a waterproof keyboard protected by a heavy-duty Pelican case. All units include on-screen distance counter, voice-over recording, camera test port, and date and time stamp.

Weight 56 lbs

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