SeeSnake Compact C40 Camera System with TruSense

Inspects lines from 1-1/2" to 6" up to 131'





Light, compact system for secondary lines with tight bends.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 63828 (System with battery/charger kit), 63823 (System without battery/charger kit), 63668 (C40 Reel Only)
  • Catalog Number: 63828, 63823, 63668
  • Application: Inspects lines ranging from 1-1/2" to 6" up to 131'


  • Quick-release dock for the Cs6x Versa.
  • Digital Recording Monitor with Wi-Fi provides fast, efficient job setup.
  • Tilt the monitor to the desired viewing angle while docked or remove it for convenient job site placement.
  • Self-Leveling Camera head provides an image that is always upright.
  • TruSense technology features a high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor and two-way communication between the camera and SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors.
  • HDR image sensor maintains color and detail in high dynamic range scenes.
  • TiltSense inclinometer shows camera’s angle in-pipe on CSx series monitors.
  • Download the free HQx Live app to view and record inspection jobs on your phone or tablet.
  • Use the high power FleXmitter 512 Hz sonde with a RIDGID receiver to locate the camera.
Weight N/A
Reel Options

C40 System with 1-18v Battery & 1-Charger, C40 System, C40 Reel Only

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