Kit includes machine, (6) 5/8" x 7.5' cables & (5) 7/8" x 15' cables, cable carriers, cutter sets, rear guide hose


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Sectional cable machine with both 5/8″ and 7/8″ cables and cutter sets, guid hose

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 116150
  • Catalog Number: RT66D
  • Application: Cleans small lines from 3" to 4" up to 150'



The Root 66 is a real advance in sectional cable machine design. No mid-range machine has its versatility and power. Look at its versatility. You can drive 5/8″ cables for lines up to 3″ and 7/8″ cables for 4″ lines – and you can switch from one to the other in seconds, without touching the jaws, without an adapter, without tools. To operate, just feed a cable into the line and slide the back end into the machine. The excess cable goes into a guide tube. Turn on the sealed motor, press down on the handle, and the Root 66 starts spinning the cable at 400 rpm. The cable stops rotating as soon as you lift the handle, so there’s no additional torque buildup.

Weight 143 lbs

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