2,500psi @ 18gpm


  • Manufacturer Part Number: 176840
  • Catalog Number: JNHP150
  • Application: High-performance nozzle set, 1/2" hose

General’s High Performance Nozzles for the Typhoon trailer jet incorporate patented fluid mechanics that significantly increases the thrust, pulling power, and cleaning power of the nozzles without needing to increase the water flow or pressure.

Other nozzles simply let the water churn around inside until it finds its way out the nearest orifice. High Performance Nozzles are custom machined to redirect the water through highly efficient inner surface channels directed toward each orifice. The nozzles have replaceable threaded inserts at each orifice, so when the nozzle wears, you only have to replace the inserts, not the whole nozzle. A set of insets are a fraction of the cost of a replacement nozzle

Weight 3 lbs

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