Kit includes machine with 12 gallon holding tank, 3/8" x 250' hose, spray wand, 4-piece nozzle set, cleaning tool

$8,650.00 $7,300.00

Gas jetter for residential and commercial applications for lines ranging from 3″ to 10″ up to 250′

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 113360
  • Catalog Number: JM3080A
  • Application: Cleans 3" to 10" up to 250'

The JM-3080 gives you the increased cleaning power of 8 gpm without risking pump damage if your water supply can’t match the pump demand. A 12 gallon buffer tank gives you the safety margin you need when using a high flow water jet to clear larger and more difficult lines. A 614 cc Honda engine with electric start drives a 3000 psi pump through a 2 to 1 gear reducer. The pump features Vibra-Pulse® on demand, to help propel the hose on long runs and around tight bends.

Surprisingly agile for a machine of its size, the JM-3080 is precisely balanced so that with little effort, the machine can be tipped back on its rear wheels to more easily maneuver it into position. A removable 300 ft. capacity hose reel with drag brake, reel lock, and swivel is mounted on a heavy duty frame with four 13” “Flat-Free” foam core tires. A wheel brake keeps the machine solidly positioned on the job.

Standard safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a back flow check valve and inlet filter. Complete with tool box and spray wand with trigger.

Weight 1 lbs

Product Parts

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MPN Catalog # Title Price
181010 JN100-1 JN-100-1 Nozzle Set $200.00
181060 JN-110-1 JN-110-1 $222.00

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