Pipe thawing machine with 2=20' cables


320 amp pipe thawing machine

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 113110
  • Catalog Number: HS320
  • Application: Pipe thawing machine

No more tearing up floors, breaking through walls, or digging around frozen pipes in frozen ground. Now you can eliminate hazardous blow torches and stop worrying about expensive repairs or damage. With the safe Hot-Shot pipe thawer, you can accomplish the job faster and easier – and save time and money.

Easy To Operate
Just carry your Hot-Shot to the job, attach the pipe clamps and plug it into any convenient 115 volt receptacle. In a matter of minutes, the frozen pipe will begin flowing again.

Strong And Safe
Both units are housed in heavy-gauge steel boxes built to take a pounding. Safety features like thermal overload protection and circuit breakers are standard equipment.

Weight 50 lbs

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