Basic unit, machine only. No cables, no cutters. Comes with "L-Connector" cable drive


Sectional cable machine capable of driving 1-1/4″ L-Style cables up to 200′

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 112500
  • Catalog Number: 88L
  • Application: Cleans main lines from 3" to 10" up to 200'

The Model 88 is almost as easy to run as a lawnmower. You push eight- or ten-foot cable sections into the line until you reach some resistance. Then attach the rear cable coupling to the machine, stand behind it, and turn it on. Watch the cable feed itself into the line. When a section has run into the drain, attach another one and keep going. This self-feeding feature also works to pull sections out of the line.

The Model 88 handles jobs up to 200 ft. long in lines from 3″ to 10″ diameter. A standard 3/4 hp capacitor motor supplies plenty of power, and an adjustable safety clutch protects cables and operator.

Sections come in two styles: all-purpose Flexichain, which has a chain center, and the stiffer Proflex, which has a spring center. A chain assures easier cable retrieving if the Flexichain spring should break. The inner spring in the Proflex gives it greater stiffness, which is desirable for long or tough jobs. The outer spring is right-hand wound for faster self-feeding.

Weight 100 lbs

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